This Is Us: “One Small Step” for Michael Angarano, one giant leap for Griffin Dunne

This Is Us: “I’ve Got This”

Dir. Yasu Tanida

Wri. Lauren Kenar


In summary

The good:

  • I’ve always liked This Is Us’s solo focus episodes, but I don’t think there’s a single character (or actor) who can carry one of these episodes better than Nicky and his actors.
  • Mrs. Pearson has whipped up a fresh batch of America balls.
  • Was it always established that Nicky worked at a vet clinic? Either way, cute as hell, and if this is paving the way for present day-Nicky to get a dog, I am all for it.
  • “Cancer?” “No, I’m fine.”

The bad:

  • I truly feel weird about the way this season has tried to softly rehabilitate Stanley Pearson. Maybe I’m reading too much into it. At least with the Jack/car ride scene we understand that Jack already has a warped sense of fatherly love; in the moon landing scene with Nicky I don’t know what they’re truly to go for.
  • I really really did not like Sally.

Episode MVP:

  • Michael Angarano and Griffin Dunne

I have a lot of feelings about movies and TV shows that would be embarrassing if it weren’t 2020.

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