This Is Us: In “The Ride,” the stakes are low, but we finally have a cohesive season

“The Ride”

Dir. John Huertas

Wri. Julia Brownell


Author’s note: I’ve struggled with photo uploading on Medium today, so today’s recap will be a visually unappealing wall of text! Apologies!

In summary

The good:

  • Maybe I’m biased because I feel like John Huertas is the unsung hero of the show, but I thought this was one of the best-directed episodes of the season.
  • Jack is too exhausted to do a Jack Peaerson speech, so we instead get to see a much more effective and vulnerable side of Milo Ventimiglia.
  • The dynamic between Kate and Toby feels so refreshing and healthy!

The bad:

  • This episode is one of TIU’s classic “transition episodes” where not much happens in the episode but we simply need it to get out of the hospital and get on with the plot. As a result, not much here is going to stick.
  • Maybe I’m just cynical after seeing Framing Britney Spears, but how much of a thing is paparazzi these days? Social media has basically rendered paparazzi photos valueless anyway, right?

Episode MVP:

  • Mandy Moore all the way, but Chrissy Metz and Chris Sullivan get some props too.

I have a lot of feelings about movies and TV shows that would be embarrassing if it weren’t 2020.

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