This Is Us: “Both Things Can Be True,” in that this episode can be good and it can also be a drag.

This Is Us: “Both Things Can Be True”

Dir. Chris Koch

Wri. Danielle Bauman


In summary

The good:

  • We’re finally making up for a season of barely including Randall’s kids, although Annie is nowhere to be seen. As much as Deja was just sort of there in this episode, it is nice to see that she and Tess actually have a sisterly dynamic — which includes being jealous of each other.
  • Phylicia Rashad really, really embodies such a lovely combination of grace, restraint and regret with Mama C.
  • Sterling K. Brown — a good silent actor, or just really handsome? I’m good with both!

The bad:

  • John Huertas is really the only actor who fits in better when he’s aged up slightly than when he’s aged down. He is about 10 years older than Milo Ventimiglia and 15 years older than Mandy Moore, so we can buy him as a dude in his mid-to-late 60s, but really not in his late-20s.
  • Are we ever going to acknowledge that Beth owns a dance studio? And that the after-school hours are exactly when she wouldn’t be home?

Episode MVP:

  • Eris Baker, Caitlin Thompson, Sterling K. Brown

I have a lot of feelings about movies and TV shows that would be embarrassing if it weren’t 2020.

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