This Is Us, Season 5, episode 13

“Brotherly Love”

Dir. Kay Onyegun

Wri. Jon Dorsey

This Is Us: “Both Things Can Be True”

Dir. Chris Koch

Wri. Danielle Bauman


This Is Us: “I’ve Got This”

Dir. Yasu Tanida

Wri. Lauren Kenar


This Is Us: “I’ve Got This”

Dir. Ken Olin

Wri. Casey Johnson & David Winsor


This Is Us

“The Ride”

Dir. John Huertas

Wri. Julia Brownell


This Is Us

“In The Room”

Dir. Ken Olin

Wri. Vera Herbert


This Is Us


Dir. Kevin Rodney Sullivan

Wri. Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger


This Is Us

“Birth Mother”

Dir. Kay Oyegun

Wri. Eboni Freeman and Kay Oyegun


This Is Us
“A Long Road Home”

Dir. Anne Fletcher
Wri. K.J. Steinberg

This Is Us

Bree Rody, professional hate-watcher

I have a lot of feelings about movies and TV shows that would be embarrassing if it weren’t 2020.

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